NIC Annual Conference 2021


Opening Ideas:

Dear Colleagues, Hope you are in good heath in this hour of unprecedented crisis.However crisis may also serve as an opportunity to advance.In Keeping with this spirit the undersigned is proud to present to you all,NIC in a new form-"NIC HYBRID". Great crisis unveils what we have become strong or weak. The undersignned firmly belives that our members are strong enough to come around and participate in this endeavor actively to bring out somthing good out of this crisis.
With warm regards

Scientific Chairman

Dr. Dhiman kahali

Scientific Chairman

JULY 24,25 2021, in Chennai


Convener Non-coronary
Mobile No: +91-9433018443
Email-id: [email protected]


Organising Secretary
Mobile No: +91-9444024639
Email-id: [email protected]


Dr.P.P. Mohanan
President Elect
Dr.P.S. Banerjee
Immediate Past President
Dr.M. K. Das
Scientific Chairman CSI- NIC
Dr.Dhiman Kahali
Convener CSI-NIC ( Non Coronary)&Treasurer
Dr.D.P. Sinha
Chief Cordinator & Hony.secretary
Dr.Debabrata Roy
Organising Secretary
Chief Advisor
Dr.P. K. Deb
National Advisors
Dr.A. B. Mehta Dr.Samuel Mathew Dr.Ashok Seth Dr.M.S.Hiremath
Dr.K. C. Goswami Dr.D. B. Pahlajani Dr.Lekha Pathak Dr.M. Panja
Dr.Upended Kaul Dr.V. K. Bahl Dr.A.K. Kar Dr.S. Guha
Dr.Sanjoy Tyagi Dr.Vijay Bang Dr.Nakul Sinha Dr.R. N. Chakraborty
Dr.Anita Saxena Dr.C. N. Manjunath Dr.Bhandari Suman Dr.Prathap Kumar
Dr.P. G. Kerkar Dr.G. S. Wander Dr.Pravin Chandra Dr.P. K. Goel
Dr.Amal Khan Dr.Kajal Ganguly Dr.Debanu Ghosh Roy Dr.N. N. Khanna
Dr.Alok Mazumder Dr.Dipankar Mukherjee Dr.Sameer Dani Dr.R. K. Jain
Dr.P. Asokan Dr.Manoranjan Mandal Dr.Rakesh Yadav Dr.S. B. Roy
Dr.Debdutta Bhattacharya Dr.Jabir A.Kutty Dr.Neil Bordoloi Dr.Aftab Khan
Dr.P. C. Mandal Dr.Dilip Kumar Dr.Sunandan Sikdar Dr.Subrata Mandal
Dr.Dipankar Ghosh Dastidar Dr.Biswajit Mazumder Dr.Saroj Mandal Dr.Spandan Bhaduri
National Intervention Council

National Intervention Council (NIC) is the interventional arm of CSI established to provide forum for practioners of this sub-specialty.

It is estimated that currently there are 1400 interventional cardiologists in the country. Appreciating the growing needs of this sub-specialty, CSI has decided to up-scale the activities of NIC.

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